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Recording Studio

BlueRock Record studio houses a state of the art recording facility located in Mt. Zion, IL. Our team and network of recording artist will assist you in taking your music to the next level. From live studio recordings to a fully produced album, BlueRock Record can accommodate groups of any size. Our multiple room studio gives a band/group the ability to track in their recordings simultaneously, allowing them to efficiently record more songs in a shorter amount of time. We also offer voice-over and songwriting services specific and unique to your business.


Event Production

BlueRock Record is a live entertainment and production company located in the Greater Decatur/Macon County area. We deal in the development and management of live entertainment events. Whether a small acoustic band for a corporate event, multiple bands for a festival-style event, or a live concert with a national star, we are your one-stop-shop to talent booking, staging, lighting, sound, and management thereof.

BlueRock Record is your go-to source for all of your live entertainment needs.


BlueRock Record works with our clients every step of the way from early inception, brainstorming, and event development, to the management and execution of the live event. We provide and manage the personnel required for talent booking, staging, lighting, and sound to ensure the success of your event. Throughout the planning process we combine our research of the target demographic and their entertainment desires, along with the clients proposed budget and price point for ticket sales. We are then able to develop a strategic plan to bring about the best possible entertainment for the event.

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